Actor Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya’s maid stole 60 pounds of gold and diamond jewelery from her home

Actor Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya’s maid stole 60 pounds of gold and diamond jewelery from her home


Actor Rajinikanth’s elder daughter Aishwarya is currently living with actor Rajinikanth in the Boyasgarden house. On the 9th of last month, Aishwarya opened the locker box containing her jewellery.

Then he was in for a shock. About 60 pounds of traditional jewelery studded with gold, diamonds and Navarna stones were missing.

Aishwarya immediately filed a complaint with the Thenampet police in Chennai. He suspected that three of his employees might have stolen the jewellery. He also said that they knew where the key to the locker box was kept.

Locker in 3 houses

The complaint also stated that the jewelery locker box was brought to Alwarpet’s St. Mary’s Road apartment house and then finally to Rajinikanth’s Boisgarden residence. Meanwhile, Aishwarya along with her husband Dhanush were at Mylapore CIT. He also stated that when he lived in the colony house, the jewelery locker box was also there. It is not known from where the jewelery was stolen and when it was stolen.

The jewel box was not opened for almost 3 years. With the key to the locker, he opened it and stole the jewelry, then locked the locker with the key. It was only when Aishwarya opened the locker last month that the jewelery was found to have been stolen.

The servant girl was trapped

In this regard, Thenampet police registered a case and conducted a secret investigation for the past one month. Information related to the theft case was kept secret. Now information about it has been released.

When asked about this, Police Commissioner Shankarjiwal said, ‘The matter has been going on for 3 years and now a servant girl is involved in this case.

20 pounds worth of jewelery was recovered from him. He said that the recovery of the remaining 40 pounds of jewelry is going on. “Full details will be published,” he said.


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