Actor Suriya bought an apartment after the house in Mumbai! Is the price only so many crores?

Actor Suriya bought an apartment after the house in Mumbai!  Is the price only so many crores?

First Published Mar 17, 2023, 9:34 PM IST

Actor Suriya has recently bought a new house in Mumbai and settled in with his wife and children, now the news that he has bought a flat in an apartment in the middle of several crores has caused surprise.

Suriya, who is earning crores of rupees in Tamil cinema today… has received various reviews for his acting in his debut in Tamil cinema. He turned his failures into successes and responded to the criticism by acting in films like Nanda, Pitamagan and surprised everyone within a few years.

Not only as an actor, but also as a producer, producing films with compelling storylines and films with social concerns through his 2D Entertainment company, Suriya…beyond the screen world, he has also proved that he is a good human being by educating thousands of children through his foundation called Akaram.

Although the film work is going on one side, actor Surya suddenly bought a multi-crore house in Mumbai a couple of months ago and settled down with his wife and children. Although his father Shivakumar did not agree with this, it was said that this change was due to the insistence of his wife Jyotika.

Following this, it is said that Suriya has bought a new flat in an apartment in Mumbai where many celebrities have bought flats for around 68 crores. This flat is up to 9,000 sqft. It is said to have not only a garden, but also parking facilities for several cars. Information has come out that this apartment may have been bought to celebrate children’s birthday parties, special events, celebrations etc.

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