Actor Vinay Fort says there are negative comments in inbox after churuli movie | The inbox is full of Teri; Churuli: Vinay Fort is a movie that has many positives

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Some people are talking about Teri. But what they need to understand is the idea that the film puts forward. From the very first day, people released the clip on social media saying that Jojo’s character is a lot of shots. Such is the dialogue of the character with the situation in the scene where Jojo comes. Teri is ubiquitous in that area of ​​the film. The corresponding dialog is Delivery. Vinay Fort says that if it is a non-fiction film, the spirit of the scroll will be lost.

The situation when law abiding people become criminals

The film also shows the situation when law abiding people become criminals. The film is based on the politics of storytelling and is inspired by the real story. Cinema is the imagination of the writer. Even if it is not based on a true story, it should be good for any movie. There have been a lot of bad movies coming out about real events.

After the movie came out, people started shouting

People have been screaming since the movie came out. As an actor I enjoy it. Most shocking people should remember that they are not forced to watch movies. The film does not force anyone. The actor also says that the scroll was released in a hurry because it is enough for people to see if they want it.

A child in a movie that does not even get certification

A child is used in a film that does not even get certification because it is a character in the film. It is up to the family to decide if the children want to watch the movie. It is my inability to say that my child saw this movie. There are web series that have more twists and turns than this. I’m talking about my character in the movie. I want to see my actor in the film beyond being a person.

It was my decision to act in the movie Churuli

It was my decision to act in the movie Churuli. But people are reacting with outrage. The whole thing is in the inbox on social media. If you take any post of women you can see the moralists. Churuli was a movie that should have come to the theater. The intended way of expressing the idea of ​​the film was not even likely to get censorship. That is why the OTD release, says Vinay Fort in an interview with Manorama.

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