Actor Vinay Fort says using uncouth language is essential in Churuli movie; its not a family movie he added | Churuli: Actor Vinay Fort says Teri is essential in Churuli film; The actor also said that it is not a movie to be seen as a family

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Kochi : Lijo Jose Pellissery (Lijo Jose Pellishery) Latest movie directed by Churuli (Churuli) Actor Vinay Fort says it is necessary to use Teri (Vinay Fort) Said. Vinay Fort said there was no need to justify it. Vinay Fort said that it was the language of the people of the place where the film was shot.

Actor Vinay Fort made this clear to Reporter TV. Vinay Fort said that this is not a movie to be seen as a family but as a movie to be seen by adults. The actor said that this is clearly stated in the film. There is no need to justify this.

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Churuli is a film directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery after the internationally acclaimed Jallikkattu. The film was released by Sony Live. The film, which received a good response at the International Film Festival, was released live on ODT without a theatrical release.

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Earlier in June, it was reported that the film would be shown on Amazon Prime Video. However, other details about it were not released by the activists later on.

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After the release of the film, many considered it to be the Christopher Nolan movie in Malayalam. But there was a lot of criticism about the language used in the film. Meanwhile, Vinay Fort’s response has come.

The film was shot in 19 days in a forest setting. Writer S Harish has penned the script for the film. The film stars Chemban Vinod, Vinay Fort, Joju George, Saubin Shahir and Jafar Idukki in the lead roles.

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