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Sreekumar and Sneha, who appeared on the screen with Lolithan and Mandodari, are the star couple who made the miniscreen audience laugh the most. The marriage of actors Sneha and Sreekumar was taken over by the fans with great joy. The two became popular among the Malayalees through the popular television series Marimayam. They also find time to entertain the audience with songs and dances. There are few areas where the two do not touch, such as singing, dancing, acting and ottanthullan. Sreekumar and Sneha got acquainted when they came to act in Mariam and sometime later it turned into love and then marriage.

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The other day, when the couple came to Amrita TV’s program on the red carpet, they talked openly about their past and their married life. Swasika was the introductory speaker at the event. Sneha and Sreekumar shared their experiences of being a part of the play ‘Chayamukhi’ and the latest Telugu film highlights. Chayamukhi was a critically acclaimed play starring Mohanlal and Mukesh. Sneha says that she used to do plays during her studies and then Mukesh’s sister came to see her play and that is how she got the opportunity to act with Mohanlal in Chayamukhi.

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Sneha says that she came to Maryam through director Siddharth Siva and the first episodes were shot by the director and the cast who came home at her mother’s insistence. ‘Siddharth reached Maryam through Shiva. At first I was afraid of how I would face the camera. Decided to do after. When he found out that the shooting was in the flat, his mother did not allow him to leave. He told me to come home and film if necessary. After that, Maryam’s linemen went home and filmed the first episodes, ‘said Sneha.

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Sreekumar started his film career with the Best Actor reality show aired on Amrita TV. Later it became a part of many serials like Marimayam, Uppum Mukalum, Chakkappazhum and movies including Aadupuliyattam and Memories. Sreekumar is currently acting in Telugu movies. Sreekumar also revealed that he got the opportunity to act in two Telugu films. She is currently starring in a film directed by renowned director Lim Guswami. Sreekumar played the role of Uthaman in the comedy serial ‘Chakkappazham’ in Flowers. But Sreekumar recently said on social media that he will no longer be playing the role of Uthaman in the Chakkappazham series. The news was received by the fans with shock. The actor did not specify the reason for his withdrawal. Sreekumar shared the post by thanking the character Uthaman for his acceptance so far.

Sneha said she did not intend to insult them Filmibeat Malayalam

The two talked about love. Sreekumar and Sneha say that Sreekumar is a person who does not talk at all and in the early days when they were acting in Maryam, they did not talk to each other. Sneha says that Sreekumar has changed a bit after marriage and is generally not talked about much. Both of them performed well on the red carpet in the competition to find harmony. Swasika also wished that the couple would continue to lead a happy married life.

Story first published: Saturday, November 20, 2021, 19:25 [IST]

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