Actress Meena Responding to her Second Marriage and Truths Behind the Rumors | Meena reacts about marriage; The truth is different

Actress Meena’s husband Vidyasagar passed away a few months ago. Both of them got married in 2009. Even before the death news was over, the news came out that Meena was getting ready for remarriage. Some media even reported that her groom is a friend of her father.

But film news portal India Glitz reports that Meena reacted to all such news. India Glits reports that the actress has not yet recovered from the pain of her husband’s death and requested everyone to respect her privacy. Meena strongly condemned all kinds of gossip.

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Meanwhile, a Facebook user wrote that “the media needs to be empathetic. If someone doesn’t confirm a remarriage or marriage, the media shouldn’t speculate.”

In August, Meena was in the news when she came forward to donate her organs. The actor had said, “Organ donation is one of the noblest ways to save a life and it is a boon to many who are struggling with chronic illness. One donor can save 8 lives.”

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