Actress Nithya Das Befitting reply to those who share bad comments on her Instagram Reels goes viral | ‘There are those who say what a disgust this mother and mole are’; What Nitya has to say to them; The answer

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Dance videos recently shared with daughter Naina on social media have gone viral on social media. All videos shared on Instagram go viral. The star now has a lot of fans on social media. But now Nitya is talking about the bad experiences she is having on social media.


The actress says that the dance videos shared by Nithya and her daughter on Instagram are being badly titled and posted by others. In an interview with Manorama Online, the actress said that if they are happy with the way the videos are spread and the bad comments are seen and read, it should continue. To the words of Nithya …


Our videos are often posted on other pages with bad titles. Oh, some people react the way she does. Sharing through social media is a small pleasure. The actor says he does not understand why it is spreading so badly.


Dancing for my pleasure and posting video. If it’s giving them a headline when it’s a bad title, it’s not going to continue. I have no problem with that. Arriving on social media is not about being prepared in advance. It was only when the daughter showed interest that she took part in it. Bad comments do not hurt. Nitya makes it clear that she does not want to answer any of that.


Reel videos are not excluded anyway. Let those who find happiness by calling me bad continue it. These are the small joys of life. The important thing is to be happy. “I just want to tell those who say that this mother and mole are disgusting not to watch the video,” Nithya said.


I was not a social media user. Facebook is still not used. There was not a great deal of understanding about Instagram. The daughter has a great interest in dance. At a young age she was taught some dance. I felt the same way when she expressed interest in doing a reels video. Nithya says that she got good courage when she started.


Nothing has been decided yet about casting her daughter. Essential is the child who learns best. She has a great interest in artistic matters. Both the children are studying in Devagiri School, Kozhikode. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. Nitya says she has a little trouble starting classes now.


I never felt like I had stopped acting. Acting is my passion. After the marriage, she stopped due to the rush. When children are small, there is no time for anything other than looking after them. Now that they’ve grown up, they accepted the opportunity to act. The actor says that he had got a lot of opportunities before this.


The actor also clarified about other comments received from social media. Sharing pictures and videos with your daughter makes you feel happy to hear the mother and daughter say that they are like aunts and uncles. Who does not want to be young. Seeing such comments makes you feel more concerned about beauty.


Maintaining youth is a very difficult task. Exercise in the morning never stops. But the daughter is lazy. Even if she insists on going to bed in the morning, she will force her daughter to do it. Nitya says that she pays a lot of attention to her diet. Eat all your favorite foods but limit the amount. Go out every week and eat. Nitya says she loves biryani and is not interested in sweets.

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