Acute socio-economic crisis the people suffer martyrdom! How do families continue to experience this ordeal after Aîd El Fîtr?

Acute socio-economic crisis the people suffer martyrdom!  How do families continue to experience this ordeal after Aîd El Fîtr?

2023-05-02 15:24:11

The Muslim community celebrated Eid Al Fitr (Ramadan celebration) on March 21, 2023. A celebration that has probably just taken place in extreme poverty for most Malians. Malians today suffer from a lack of economic and financial resources, which seems to aggravate the social crisis. Living conditions have deteriorated sharply and many families are facing all kinds of difficulties. This is why this year’s celebration was particularly difficult for many families who are struggling to meet basic needs. The after party seems to truly become a crossing of the desert for the citizens, because the ordeal continues.

This year, unlike previous years, the Ramadan celebrations took place in extremely difficult conditions for Malians. The beginnings of this bad festival were felt during the month of Lent, because Muslims fasted in conditions of total poverty because of the high cost of living. Unquestionably, Mali is going through one of the most sensitive moments in its recent history. Financial crisis, faced with security difficulties, plagued by famine in certain areas and finally going through an unprecedented politico-institutional crisis, which should challenge the authorities to change their strategy.
Proof of the cost of living and the products needed to make the party enjoyable, on the eve of the party and even after, was given by just taking a walk around the various markets. Unfortunately, the price spike continues despite the government’s appeal to traders. Indeed, it is enough to ask the prices of clothes for children and teenagers one quickly realizes the high prices and a lack of customers. When asked why prices are so high, traders simply answer, the country is tough.
However, in order not to get into financial trouble after the party, some have decided to follow the trend of the moment, offering themselves cheap loincloths and cheaper shoes. As for beef, it was not within everyone’s reach, as it was so expensive and almost impossible to find this year.

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If the clothes for children and adults are expensive in the markets and do not find all takers, the reality was quite different among the designers, who had a drop in price, for lack of customers. Discontent was visible on people’s faces this year, because of poverty. Added to this are the untimely power cuts which have greatly slowed down the designers in their tracks, some of them have even lost customers because of missed appointments due to the cut and the lack of money to make against sewing costs. On the side of the shopping basket, the conditions have not changed; on the contrary, they have deteriorated. Condiment prices have gone up.
Ultimately, despite the high cost of Malian life before, during and after the feast, Muslims fulfilled their spiritual duty by celebrating.


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