Adani FPO: Full sale of Adani Enterprises FPO shares: Rs 20,000 crore ‘jackpot’

Adani FPO: Full sale of Adani Enterprises FPO shares: Rs 20,000 crore ‘jackpot’

First Published Jan 31, 2023, 4:39 PM IST

Adani Group’s Adani Enterprises sale of common shares has sold out. Through this Adani Group has raised Rs.20 thousand crores.

While 4.62 crore shares were offered for sale on behalf of Adani Enterprises, 4.55 crore shares were bought. Non-institutional investors bought 96.16 lakh shares more than 3 times their quota.

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Fully subscribed for Adani Enterprises FPO

All of the 1.28 crore shares allotted to qualified institutional investors were sold, according to stock exchange data.

Whereas retail investors and employees of the company are not welcome to sell shares. Retailers were allotted 2.29 crore shares while employees were allotted 1.60 lakh shares.

US-based Hindenburg issued a report on the Adani Group last week. Shares of Adani Group plunged 20 per cent after the report.

In the past 10 years, Adani Group has published a report exposing the frauds, manipulation, false accounting and artificially increasing the price of shares in the stock market.

Fully subscribed for Adani Enterprises FPO

Rs 5.86 lakh crore empty for Adani! 11.60 lakh crore ambo by Hindenburg report

Adani Group’s shares have all seen a move in the stock market since the release of this report. Adani Group shares fell 20 per cent in 3 days, and the Adani Group is said to have incurred a loss of Rs 5.86 lakh crore.

In this context, it was considered that the EPO of Adani Enterprises would not be well received among investors. Accordingly, there was no reception on the first day. However, Adani Enterprises shares rose sharply yesterday. Shares of Adani Enterprises rose marginally in yesterday’s trade in the stock market.

In this case, almost all the shares were sold when the EPO sale was completed. Through this, the Adani Group will be able to raise the target of Rs.20,000 crore

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