Aday María, the new giant of Spanish basketball, communicates to Casademont Zaragoza his desire to terminate the contract unilaterally

Aday María, the new giant of Spanish basketball, communicates to Casademont Zaragoza his desire to terminate the contract unilaterally

2023-05-31 14:22:10


The club points out that the player has given reasons that the entity “cannot share” and will assert their rights

Casademont Zaragoza goalkeeper Aday Mara (r) tries to play a ball in front of Dzanan Musa, from Real Madrid, in a Liga Endesa match.Javier BelverEFE
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Candidate Maraan 18-year-old center and 2.20 meters tall, known as the new giant of Spanish basketball, has communicated this Wednesday to Casademont Zaragoza his desire to unilaterally terminate his contract.

The club, through a statement, has indicated that the player has alleged some reasons “this entity cannot share” and assert your rights.

The entity adds that, “from day one”, they have made available to Mara “all the means available to develop their complete academic, sports and human training. As we do with all our homegrown players and in a very special way in the case of Aday”.

From Casademont they show their respect for the player’s decision, without being an obstacle to defending their interests. “We understand that contracts must be respected. This has been the case in all the cases of the players trained in our academy and, for the good and the defense of the club, we will be forced to take the necessary measures to keep it that way.

The club will enforce its rights in an absolutely unexpected situation. Because the player’s environment has never shown a willingness to pay the amount of the clause or start a negotiation to reach an agreement. Mara’s termination clause amounts to 700,000 euros.

He simply stated the intention of leave for the United States appealing to the fact that the means that the aragons club currently puts at their disposal are totally insufficient.


Mara has participated, with Casademont, in 22 Endesa League matcheswith numbers of 5.3 points, 3.2 rebounds, 0.5 assists and 0.9 blocks in the 11 minutes on average that he remained on the court.

Due to his extraordinary conditions, both physical and technical, the pivot has monopolized media attention of clubs, coaches, fans and the media.

Regardless of its size and intimidation, the player He is also distinguished by his scoring facility, his rebounding ability, his accurate readings of the game and his wide shooting range.

For this reason, the stonecutter has always been object of desire of the most impressive teams in Europeand closely followed by some NBA franchises.

María joined Casademont Zaragoza when she was a child and, since then, she has progressed up the hierarchical ladder with a outstanding Impact, until reaching the first team.

Debut with the first team in November 2021, in the FIBA ​​Europe Cup, in the group stage match against Italian Reggio Emilia. And in the Endesa League, on October 16, 2022, against Baskonia, on the fourth day of the competition. He recorded eight points, four rebounds, one assist and one block in his first five minutes of play.

Mara won the bronze medal with Casademont Zaragoza, last May, in the Spanish Club Championship.

Last summer it was proclaimed runner-up in the under-17 world with the Spanish team. In addition, in February, along with 39 other international promises, he participated in the prestigious ‘Basketball Without Borders Global Camp’, a meeting organized by the NBA during the celebration of the All-Star Game.

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