Additional 500 kalaignar unavagam in Tamil Nadu Minister Chakrapani announces | An additional 500 artist restaurants in Tamil Nadu

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Minister Chakrabarty has announced that 500 community restaurants will be set up as artist restaurants in the future as per the Chief Minister’s order to strengthen food security and create a hunger-free Tamil Nadu as seen by Karunanidhi.

A consultative meeting on the implementation of the Model Community Kitchen project across India was held in Delhi today under the chairmanship of Pius Goyal, Minister for Trade and Industry, Consumer Protection, Food and Public Distribution and Handicrafts. Tamil Nadu Food Minister A. Chakrabarty participated in the meeting.

Addressing the gathering, Minister of Food and Food Supply, Tamil Nadu, Ara. It provides quality food at subsidized rates to the poor and needy.

These restaurants offer a variety of dishes (Sambar Caraway and Lemon Rice) for Rs. 1 for an Italian for Rs. From 1.6.2021 to 18.11.2021 more than 15 crore people have used through these restaurants.

This is served free of charge at restaurants during Corona and other calamities. In the future an additional 500 community restaurants are to be set up under the name “Artist Restaurant”. The project has used 3,227 metric tonnes of rice and 362 tonnes of wheat in the financial year 2021-22 till September. It costs an average of Rs. 3.5 lakh is being spent.

He called on the United States government to provide 100 percent financial assistance under the National Food Security Act 2013 to ensure the successful and continued implementation of the program and to expand it to all those in need.

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