Adidas is the new technical sponsor of the ever richer Italian national team

The Euro 2020 final underlines the newfound commercial appeal of the Italian national team, which is about to formalize its new technical sponsor: Adidas.

The new contract, of the value included between 35 and 40 million euros per year, along with 18 other new trade agreements, will help boost the FIGC’s revenue a 187 million euros per year, that is, at the same level as the strongest competitors such as France and Germany so far.

The first Italian national team to wear the new Adidas designer kits should be there female representative, which in July 2022 will be engaged in the European Championships, scheduled in England.

The final of Euro 2020 therefore crowns the relaunch of the Azzurri who, compared to the previous four-year period, have increased commercial revenues by 50%. The relationship with Puma, technical sponsor of the Italian national teams since 2003. The association led to the world title in 2006 and two finals of the European Championships: that of 2012, lost against Spain, and that of Sunday 11 July 2021 against England … for which we cross our fingers!

Curiously, Italy – the home of fashion – passes from a German supplier to another German supplier. Adidas e Puma they are in fact “twin” brands, born from two brothers. Adolf, aka “Adi”, Dassler founded Adidas, which takes its name from its initials. Family contrasts led his brother Rudolf to found Puma and there is still a heartfelt rivalry between the two brands. With the sponsorship of the Italian national team, Adidas has undoubtedly landed a great blow.

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