Aditi Shankar is like my sister says Tamil actor viruman karthi muthaiah

After watching Karthi and Aditi Shankar starrer ‘Viruman’, an actor who spoke furiously in front of the media saying that Aditi is my girlfriend, has now suddenly hit back and said that Aditi is like my younger sister.

When the movie ‘Viruman’ starring Karthi and Aditi Shankar directed by Muthiah was released on the 12th, many celebrities from the film world watched the first day first scene. In that way, one of the actors of the Tamil film industry, Kool Suresh, while giving an interview to the media after watching the movie ‘Viruman’, he said that he fell in love with Aditi in the theater and that Aditi is my girlfriend. Apart from that, he said that he loves Aditi dearly and like Shankar puts love in his films, he also created a lot of controversy.

I don’t know what happened in between, suddenly he said Aditi is now like his younger sister and I spoke like that thinking of his school friend Thenmozhi and I said that it was wrong and Shankar said please forgive me. Not only that, he said that Aditi is my sister-in-law which created a lot of excitement.


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