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It was recently officially announced that director Shankar’s daughter Aditishankar will be the heroine in Madon Ashwin’s ‘Maveeran’ starring Sivakarthikeyan. It is worth noting that his first film ‘Viruman’ is slated to release on Friday, so he got an opportunity to act in his second film even before that film’s release.

It is said that his salary for acting in the movie ‘Maveeran’ is Rs 25 lakhs. The Kollywood film world is surprised that the first film starring a debutant actress is yet to be released and the salary of the second film is Rs 25 lakh.

Is this huge salary because she is Shankar’s daughter? Or is the producer paying this huge salary for his acting, dancing and vocal skills after seeing his first film? The question now arises.

While the actresses who have been in the Tamil film industry for many years still do not have a salary of 25 lakhs, the huge salary for an actress whose first film has not been released has created a stir among other actresses.

It is said that actress Aadmika, who has already recorded a controversial comment about Aditishankar, may have the same opinion in her mind. But at the same time, even though Enna entered the film industry with the identity of Shankar’s daughter, Kollywood filmmakers also say that she can get a chance in subsequent films only if she shows her unique talent.


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