Adrián Rueda- At risk payment for Metro insurance

Adrián Rueda- At risk payment for Metro insurance

A recent text from the journalist Raymundo River Palace brings to the fore an extra issue on the subject of the Metro: if the last few atypical incidents They were for “sabotage”, who will pay the millionaire damages to the STC?

And it is that the head of government has been saying that these incidents they are part of a campaign involving unionized workers and political parties to discredit it towards the 2024 elections.

After first accusing the Union, in the last week he changed his speech and assured that these are actions of organized crime, which is dedicated to stealing the system’s copper wiring, of high value on the black market.

The thing is that if the tragedy of Line 3 of the Metro, where an 18-year-old girl died and dozens of users were injured, was the result of “sabotage”, then why did they run the deputy director of Operations and why are they blaming the bus driver? wrecked train?

The attempt to create a narrative that the main transportation system of CDMX is being attacked by terrorist hands leaves all users concerned, since it means that there is no guarantee that they will reach their respective destinations safely.

And, in this context, the point of Riva Palace alert that the clauses of the millionaire insurance against accidents contracted by the Metro cover many things, except for two fundamental ones: it does not include sabotage or terrorism as causes of demand.

If the government of the capital has already filed complaints with the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office for alleged acts of sabotage and theft of wiring by criminal gangs, as probable causes of the “atypical incidents”, how will it demand coverage for damages? ?

With its speech, the government seeks to release its political responsibility, but, at the same time, it gives the insurer the exit —which, according to the journalist, received a premium of 504 million pesos— so that it does not pay anything.

In other words, if the authority itself denounces that the collision between trains that occurred between the Potrero-La Raza stations on January 7th was due to sabotageyou do not have the right to claim the 800 million pesos that the insurance covers for collision and derailment, for example.

Nor to claim the two million pesos for the deceased young woman or the million pesos per person in medical expenses. If it was not a Metro failure, the insurer is not obligated to pay a single penny… The taxpayers will.

And what has been said, if it was not the Metro’s fault, then because the day after the tragedy they stopped Alberto Garcia Lucio as deputy director of Operations and, later, they sued the train driver for wrongful death.


And in more judicial matters, it is not understood that the disappeared Rafael Gomez Cruz They separated him from Seduvi as soon as he was sued for sexual abuse. what to Renato Molina They ran him from the Territorial Regularization Directorate for a similar demand, but that the legal adviser of the CDMX, Nestor Vargas Solanocontinue so buoyant after the criminal complaint CI-FIDS/FDS-6/UI-FDS-6-01/01880/11-2022, filed against him at the Sexual Offenses Investigation Prosecutor’s Office. Ernestina Godoy“the best prosecutor in Mexico”, will have to explain to the women who constantly protest against the attacks they are subjected to and, in this case, by senior officials of a 4T government, which cannot treat everyone equally, because even between brown there are races


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