Adriana Volpe: the ex-husband’s apologies have arrived after the offensive post

Adriana Volpe receives an apology from her ex-husband Roberto Parli after the offensive post

(LaPresse) Adriana Volpe receives a public apology from her husband, from whom she is separating, after the heavy accusations that the man made in a post on Instagram, which was soon removed. Roberto Speak he had pointed the finger at the presenter believing that she had put their daughter in an inappropriate situation.

After the reply of the ex-wife, always on social You speak acknowledged having made a mistake and expressed his regret, again through his social profile, apologizing to all the people involved. The president of LaPresse Marco Durante and the whole structure of LaPresse, which look after the image of Adriana Volpe, hope that further statements will calm down in the interest of the minor.

The president of LaPresse returns to the case of the husband of La Volpe, the statements of Marco Durante

(LaPresse) “I find it childish, if not cowardly, to take it off socially with the weak and then delete what has been written. I am tired of seeing and reading every other day, today sprawled attacks and white caresses tomorrow. I will not go into the merits of private matters, even if LaPresse manages Adriana Volpe’s management and communication. I dwell only on the fact that a man, a partner, a husband, or ex, should always have regard for his companions, the mothers of his children and not insult or humiliate them by spreading falsehoods on them. Anyone who knows him knows that Marco Prophet is a sensitive and unique man who has helped Adriana all these months. But it is good to know with serenity that Marco is gay, therefore any obstinately possessive jealousy is extremely badly addressed, which in hindsight would in any case be misplaced. Marco is a friend of mine who, like Adriana, I will defend until the end. I hope that Mr. Roberto, whom I do not like to meet, will calm his excesses and take a conscience exam, thinking about the good and the growth of his daughter, an amazing child. A piece of advice that I am obliged to give, as a man, as a husband, as a father. Now enough dear Roberto, LaPresse is fully lined up with Adriana, Giselle and Marco”.


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