Adva Dadon in a shaky interrogation: “I was disgusted by him, inside me I was shaking”

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Adva Dadon (Flash 90 / Yonatan Sindel)

Adva Dadon last night brought new testimony against the “women hunter from Bnei Brak” as part of the “The Crooks” program on News 12. Following the first exposure, Kobi Cohen, a resident of Bnei Brak in his 60s, allegedly tried to coax girls for sex in exchange for cash. To his house in general for cleaning work purposes.

The first complainant who applied was 19 years old and came following the promo that was broadcast and she claimed: “I studied at a boarding school in Bnei Brak and came to him to do cleaning work,” she repeated. “When I arrived he asked me if it bothered me if he would shower with an open door. I replied no and suddenly I noticed that the house was clean. Slowly he started to pick up his shirt and take off his pants,” she recalls. “He put his hand inside and touched himself. At that moment I told him it was inappropriate, I got up and left.”

According to the complainant, after the case in question, she returned again to Cohen’s house, which offered her a massage in exchange for payment. “I was very innocent and I needed the money. I did not think he would want me to touch him in intimate areas. I massaged his abdomen and he tried to make me go down more and more, I did not share anyone except her. Only when I talked to her did I realize he was actually masturbating. I wanted to complain and not. “I knew how to record. We tried to get him back home, we called and he did not answer.”

In another testimony brought to the broadcast, a 16-year-old complainant said that: “It happened three years ago, but I remember it as if it happened yesterday, he invited me to clean his house, I went in and the house was clean. I asked where ‘where is your wife and children’? “And he answered that she went shopping, he risked, he told me how beautiful he once was. At some point he entered the realm of sexuality with me. He asked if I had ever seen a man look under his pants. I was disgusted by him – outwardly I showed that everything was fine, but inside I froze and trembled.” .

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According to her, after the film started, Cohen took off his shirt and began to touch himself blatantly: “I remember myself sitting on the couch and afraid to leave his apartment. He put a NIS 200 bill on the table and told me that if I stayed another quarter of an hour I would get it.” After the incident, the complainant no longer returned to Cohen’s house and she said he appeared to her for a long time in nightmares.

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