Advice from Swiss parliamentarians to Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron is brainstorming how to lead France without an absolute majority. The Swiss parliamentarians gladly give him some friendly advice. Ludovic MARIN/POOL/AFP

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – Switzerland has a long tradition of coalitions between parties. Here is what five elected representatives of the major Swiss parties are proposing to the French president.

By Arthur Grosjean (La Tribune de Genève).

Let’s be clear right away. Switzerland has no desire to give political lessons to France. But as a country that has practiced coalition government for ages, it has a wealth of experience in how to build multi-colored majorities. Remember that the Federal Council, the Swiss executive, is made up of four parties ranging from the national right to the socialists.

How can President Emmanuel Macron lead France without an absolute majority in the National Assembly? We called on five federal parliamentarians from the major parties. Here are their tips.

Yves Nidegger (UDC): «Become a little Swiss»

Yves Nidegger, National Councilor (UDC/GE). “One of Emmanuel Macron’s options is to set up a government that includes the opposition leaders. For example, Marine Le Pen in the Interior and Jean-Luc Mélenchon in Foreign Affairs or Social Affairs. KEYSTONE

Yves Nidegger is part of the largest Swiss party, the SVP, which represents the national and conservative right. “Macron has two main options,” he said. The first consists in listing its priority subjects for the legislature, seeking alliances on the left or on the right depending on the type of object and resorting to 49.3 (note, exceptional procedure…

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