Afghanistan, Bin Laden the letter of 2010: “Do not kill Biden, he is incapable”

Afghanistan, Bin Laden the letter of 2010: “Do not kill Biden”

War in Afghanistan it’s not over yet. The Taliban have recaptured Kabul and given an ultimatum to the United States, to abandon Afghan territory by 31 August. In the coming days the G7 will meet to decide the strategy to be adopted, but at the moment the Taliban has the knife on the side of the handle, who even blackmail the US and Joe Biden, asking for 9 million dollars in exchange for an extension of the time to return military and civilians to the United States.

Check – we read on Tgcom 24 – an unpublished document, a letter from the terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden, sent to his Al Qaeda militiamen in 2010, a year before he was killed by the Americans. The document was published by the West Point Combating Terrorism Center (Ctc), an academic institution under the leadership of the United States Military Academy. The CTC deals with research and political analysis in areas such as counter-terrorism, internal security and international conflicts. Al Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden had warned the members of the movement not to target the current US President Joe Biden, Obama’s deputy at the time, because in the event of a succession he would have been “totally unprepared to cover that role and would bring the nation into a state of crisis “.


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