Afghanistan, Coop will support population protection actions, petition for humanitarian corridors

by time news

“The tragedy in Afghanistan is of enormous proportions and requires very urgent protection and humanitarian aid from Western countries. It is also and above all the tragedy of Afghan women, already targeted by the Taliban today and according to the most accredited international sources. they will be even more so when the occupation of the country is completed and international attention diminishes “. Coop, reads a note, is available and committed to supporting the actions to protect the population that the national authorities must prepare as soon as possible.

“We invite our members, customers and employees to support the petition launched on” “and addressed to the Foreign Minister to immediately create humanitarian corridors so as to protect the most exposed part of the population, starting with Afghan women and their children. In the wake of Coop’s commitment and its “Close the gap” campaign, the inclusion and emancipation of women is a right that knows no boundaries “, concludes Coop.

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