Afghanistan, Isis claims attacks on Kabul

The Province of Khorasan, the Afghan branch of the self-styled Islamic State (Isis), has claimed responsibility for today’s bloody attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, which cost the lives of dozens of people, including at least 12 American soldiers. The claim came through Amaq, the propaganda organ of the terrorist organization. Also published on the web the image of a man identified as Abdul Rehman Al-Loghri, indicating him as the “martyr” who blew himself up near the Kabul airport.

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At least 60 Afghan civilians were killed. The Pentagon confirmed the death of the soldiers and the wounding of 15 others. During a briefing, the commander of the United States Central Command (Centcom), General Kenneth McKenzie, explained that two suicide bombers “believed to have gone into action. of Isis “and that after the explosions” men of the Islamic State “opened fire. About a thousand Americans are still waiting to be evacuated from Afghanistan, the commander said.


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