Afghanistan, military leaders appointed: “First step for the army”

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Afghanistan, 38 members of the government appointed: the Islamic Emirate aims at the army

“The first step in the formation of an Afghan army”: the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan, founded by the Taliban after the withdrawal of NATO troops from the country, appointed 38 members of the interim government currently in office, defining some important political positions, but also military ones, defining the latter “the first step in the formation of the army”.

Among the appointments stand out that of a vice premier, Mawlawi Abdul Kadir, of a minister of martyrs and mutilated by war, of several deputy ministers, of the chief and deputy chief of the Afghan Red Cross and of the military commanders of the eight main provinces of the country: Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar, Herat, Paktia, Kunduz, Helmand, Laghman . Rohullah Omar, a member of the culture commission, spoke about these latest appointments and defined them as the first step in forming an army. “The appointment of people with direct conflict experience is the first step in creating a compact and strong Afghan army that can defend the territorial integrity of the country,” said Omar.

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