Afghanistan, Pangea activists rescued

Pangea’s Afghan activists are safe. This was announced by the Milanese non-profit organization on Instagram, where in the past few hours it told about the ordeal of the local staff. “Since Friday, Pangea has been working tirelessly to help Kabul colleagues and their families to reach the airport”, we read a few hours ago on the association’s social channel, together with an image of the crowd outside the Afghan airport.

“The women of the Pangea staff and their families remained trapped in the crowd for hours, without water, even with very small children in their arms”, then reported the non-profit organization, which shortly after published a photo of a bruise on one leg. accompanied by the explanation: “Some women of Pangea were beaten by the Taliban. Seeing the photos with their bruises was heartbreaking. The children have witnessed scenes of unprecedented violence and are very frightened”.

A little later the announcement: “The activists of Pangea have been strong and have resisted. They fought like lionesses to get into that airport. From this morning to dawn, the women of Pangea and their families are all inside the Kabul airport. Some have already been boarded. We saved them together ”.

The group of Afghans that refers to the Milanese non-profit organization Pangea, which after long waits outside the Kabul airport, is now embarking on the flights that will save them, consists of about 200 people.

There are about thirty women employed in the Pangea offices in Kabul, accompanied by husbands, children and other relatives. Most of these 200 people – according to from the non-profit organization – managed to embark. They should arrive between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow in Rome, where they will observe the quarantine period. “After that, the management of asylum requests will start and we will see how to do it”, says Pangea.


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