Afghanistan, secret meeting between CIA director and Taliban leaders

CIA director William Burns had a secret meeting with Taliban ‘de facto’ leader Abdul Ghani Baradar on Monday in Kabul. To reveal what, if confirmed, would be the most important meeting between the Taliban and the Biden administration since the fall of Kabul into the hands of the insurgents, were US officials aware of the matter and who asked to remain anonymous.

Joe Biden’s decision to send Burns, a foreign policy veteran and the most decorated diplomat in his cabinet, comes in the midst of a frantic attempt to evacuate thousands of people from Kabul International Airport, which the US president calls “one of the bridges. most difficult aircraft in history “.

The CIA declined to comment on the news of the meeting with the Taliban, but the discussions probably concerned the imminent deadline of August 31 for the US army set by the new ‘masters’ of Afghanistan to conclude the evacuation operations.


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