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It has a bitter aftertaste …

Anyone who has supported the Western troops in Afghanistan must fear for their life. Even more so since yesterday. BECAUSE not only that the Bundeswehr and other states have ended their evacuation mission head over heels, now the USA has also given the Taliban terrorists lists of names. Names of these local workers.

The US Politics Magazine reports „Politico“.

Why is that so explosive?

Allied troops in Afghanistan fought the Taliban for over 20 years. Over the past few days, the terrorists had repeatedly tried to track down aid workers from the foreign military or aid organizations, to prevent them from driving to the airport – and presumably even to kill them.

Now the US is hoping that the Taliban will help them to save the people, reports “Politico” – just hours after the suicide attack in front of the airport on Thursday.

Because such a list of needy people can become a death list in the hands of terrorists, this practice has caused outrage in US military circles.

US President Joe Biden did not deny the existence of these lists in the evening and said: “There have been occasions when our military has contacted the Taliban.” It was about safe corridors for the passage of groups that should be evacuated. “Well, yes, there have been opportunities like this. As far as I know, most of it happened in these cases and they were let through. “

It is also possible that local Bundeswehr personnel are on these lists.

As reported by the newspaper “The Times”, employees of the British Foreign Office have left documents with the contact details of their Afghan employees at the embassy in Kabul. “Our embassy was withdrawn in a hurry because the situation in Kabul was deteriorating. Every effort has been made to destroy sensitive material, ”said a spokesman for the State Department.

Taliban looking for collaborators

A UN report confirms the Taliban’s approach to search for aid workers using lists of names.

In the worst case, there will be public executions. The arrest of Western citizens and medical workers is also not ruled out, according to the report by the RHIPTO Norwegian Center for Global Analyzes.

Accordingly, the Taliban are specifically looking for alleged collaborators and openly threatened with reprisals for their family members. People who held important positions in the military, the police or other investigative authorities are also exposed to the greatest risk.

According to the report, the Islamists had drawn up lists and maps of the whereabouts of people they tried to arrest before they captured major cities in Afghanistan. If they could not be found, family members would instead be taken into custody or threatened with arrest and even death.

An alleged letter from the Taliban to a former senior member of the Afghan security forces is attached to the report as evidence. It says that the man should turn himself in, otherwise he would be responsible for the arrest of his family members.



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