Afghanistan, the Taliban also take Herat: it was the base of the Italian soldiers

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The advance of the Taliban continues unabated Afghanistan: after Ghazni and Lashkar-Gah also Herat, the capital of the country’s largest and most strategic province, was taken. The announcement comes directly from spokesman of the Islamic extremist group, Zabihullah Mujahid, who writes in a Twitter post: “Herat, the largest and most strategic province in the western part of the country, has also been conquered. The provincial building, the police headquarters and many other structures have passed under the control of the mujahideen. The soldiers laid down their weapons and joined our fighters. The surrender of the troops is underway. ”

Therefore, the US embassy in Kabul he urged all US citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately via commercial flights. “Given the security conditions and the reduced staff, the embassy’s ability to assist US citizens in Afghanistan is extremely limited even within Kabul”, the statement warns, “the embassy reiterates that US citizens must leave the country. ‘Afghanistan as soon as possible using available commercial flights and not counting on relying on US government flights. “

Considering also the hypothesis, according to what is reported by the Cnn, from move the embassy to the Kabul airport itself, given the ever faster approach of fundamentalists. The staff could be relocated as early as the next few days.

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