African Gin: Fresh juniper from Kenya

by time news

Guy brennan has big plans. And if there’s one reproach he doesn’t have to put up with, it’s that his plans and aspirations aren’t ambitious enough. Because they sure are. After all, the native Australian wants to change the world. At least part of it – the world of gin. And at the same time he also wants to change the image that the world has of Africa, his second home. The widespread idea that everything there revolves around hunger, disease, corruption and poverty is completely wrong, he says with engaging enthusiasm: “Africa is so much more and has so much good to offer the world – for example our Procera Gin. “

Brennan and a few friends came up with the idea of ​​founding the country’s first gin distillery in Kenya’s capital Nairobi almost seven years ago. By then he had been working in development projects and as a fund manager in various African countries for a good decade and found a new home with his wife in Kenya. “We sat on the patio drinking gin and tonic and marveled that so many botanicals listed on the label came from Africa. And we wondered why the hell they are shipped to the distilleries in England and not used for distillation here.”

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