African lion for sale, price 1.5 lakh Pakistani rupees… – NEWS 360 – NATIONAL

KARACHI: Pakistan’s Lahore Safari Zoo has put up lions for sale due to lack of food.

12 African lions are set to be sold citing reasons such as the large number of lions, limited space and the inability to find the huge amount of money to feed and care for them. Lions can be bought and bred by private individuals or institutions.

The auction for this will be held on Thursday. 1,50,000 Pakistan Rupees is fixed as the base price for a lion. If the demand increases, the amount will also increase. Lions between two and five years of age will be auctioned. Bidders must register and produce proof that they can care for the lions. Currently there are 29 lions in the zoo. Zoo officials estimate that wealthy individuals in Pakistan may buy the lions for huge sums.


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