After 35 years: Nissim Sheetrit’s murder is solved

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The case of the absence of the late Nissim Sheetrit has been investigated over the years, and recently the investigators of the Jerusalem Police Department managed to achieve a significant breakthrough that enabled the arrest of a number of people involved in the murder and kidnapping. Investigators from the Central Unit were also able to gather evidence and reveal that the boy was abducted and murdered in 1986.

(Documentation of the arrests in the murder case).

In recent days, the central unit of the Jerusalem District Police completed the investigation into the murder and abduction of the late Nissim Sheetrit about 35 years ago. Arrested on suspicion of involvement in the abduction and murder, today another statement was filed by the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office against a Jerusalem resident in his seventies and his detention was extended for another day.

Along with the investigative efforts to reveal the truth and those involved in his absence, over the years including recently, large police forces conducted searches and a variety of actions on the covert and overt level to locate the boy Nissim Sheetrit’s body, but this has not been located so far and these efforts continue. Police investigators, many years later and in the absence of his body, were able to uncover the truth behind his absence and arrest the suspects involved in the abduction and murder.

The investigation has been conducted since its inception, accompanied by the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office, and tomorrow the prosecution is expected to file indictments against two suspects in the murder of the late Nissim Sheetrit. Indicate offenses that are statute-barred.

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