After 41 years: A new song by the underground singer was discovered in Samaria

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Exciting exposure was discovered at the Eshel Hashomron Hotel. While one of the managers in Ariel was arranging one of the warehouses, he discovered yellowing papers, on which was found a song composed by underground singer Shulamit Livnat and written by her husband Azriel Livnat. This is probably in honor of the Independence Day celebrations in Samaria 41 years ago in 1980.

The song, which talks about a vision for Samaria, reads, among other things:

“More meat will come to the mountains of Samaria,
And from the humiliation shall arise a rabbi,
Plant vineyards with drums and dance
And return the string of his houses “

The melody written by Shulamit Livnat is also among the yellowing pages, but parts of it are missing. The director of Eshel Hashomron located the musician Shalva and the late Shulamit Livnat – Nir Tene and asked him to try to recreate the missing parts of the melody.

“Uri Falk and I got involved,” says Ariel Zilber, “and we performed the song in the style of the military bands, with an old and new scent. I was very happy to do that, to make Samaria happy and also to bring a song that was never performed and was intended to be performed It is a great honor to perform their song. “

One of the first people they asked to play the song for was the current head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan. As a closing circle for those celebrations in which for some unknown reason the song was not played. “It is a privilege that two fighters of the underground, who established the state, and the people of Eretz Israel wrote a song about Samaria so many years ago,” Dagan said.

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“This is an exciting greeting from the founding generation of the State of Israel and especially from the dear Shulamit, the underground singer who even at the end of her life, at the age of 91, chose to move to an outpost in Samaria, on a hill in the Elon Moreh ridge that connects Samaria to the Jordan Valley.”

Limor Livnat, former Minister of Education, and the daughter of Shulamit and Azriel Livnat recount the discovery: My brother Noam, and I, grew up at home on the values ​​of the Land of Israel, the tradition of Israel and the people of Israel, and in my youth, even before I joined the Herut movement, I joined the movement for the Greater Land of Israel. “And proud of our parents, from whom we drew all our love and connection to this good land.”

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