After 75 years Benevento returns to host the final of the Premio Strega

twelve o’clock, April 1, 2021 – 12:13 pm

On 10 June in the Roman Theater the 660 voters will choose the winner of the edition

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For the first time, after 75 years, the Premio Strega returns to its Benevento. Mayor Clemente Mastella announces it with pride. Until now, the selection of the dozen was held in the Samnite city, never the final. This time, however, also due to the pandemic, on 10 June the Roman theater of Benevento will host the Cinquina Finalist at the 2021 Strega Award.

An important event for all of Italian culture and a media success for our Samnite capital – says Mastella – The Prize, promoted by the Maria and Goffredo Bellonci Foundation and Liquore Strega, with this result further strengthens its essential link with the city of Benevento.

And the finalists

The candidate books will be voted by a jury made up of 660 entitled candidates. To the votes of the Friends of Sunday (400 voters) are added those expressed by scholars, translators and enthusiasts of our language and literature selected by the Italian cultural institutes abroad, strong readers chosen by independent libraries distributed throughout Italy, collective votes expressed by schools, universities and reading groups, including the clubs set up by the Libraries of Rome. The online voting will be held from 10 am on Monday 17 May and will end with the ballot to be held at the Roman Theater of Benevento.

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The president of the Bellonci Foundation

The voting for the choice of the five finalist books of the Strega Prize will not be held in Casa Bellonci, as per tradition. In the past two years, due to the renovation of the headquarters, we had moved to the Temple of Hadrian of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, which I thank for the hospitality. Now the works are finished, but the anti Covid-19 rules prevent us from being able to welcome the many people who usually attend the appointment. It seemed right to us, in a special year for the Prize, to hold the meeting in Benevento, the city of Strega Liqueur. Giovanni Solimine, president of the Maria and Goffredo Bellonci Foundation, says so. I would like to thank the Municipality of Benevento for their willingness to organize in our city the important stage of the selection of the finalists for the Strega Prize – explains Giuseppe D’Avino, president of Strega Alberti -. an event deeply felt by us and by all citizens, with which there is an evident and profound historical and cultural link. Thanks also to the Bellonci Foundation, because it was able to give rise to a beautiful event, reacting proactively to the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

April 1, 2021 | 12:13

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