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Around 8:15 a.m. German time, just a few hours after the mega-breakdown on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg wrote a post – and did not mention the hour-long failure of his services.

Over 6 billion people worldwide were cut off from the services of the Facebook group for hours. The boss Mark Zuckerberg himself lost around 6 billion euros in assets after the immediate crash of the shares.

Can you go back to business as usual? Mark Zuckerberg can!

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“It was a busy day”

“It was a busy day.” This is how the Facebook founder begins his first Facebook post after announcing the “slow return” of the network after the complete failure just hours before. But anyone who thinks they would follow an explanation or an apology is wrong.

Rather, he uses his first sign of life for an entry that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the breakdown: “… I would like to join all scientists Biohub Congratulations for the progress made over the past five years. …“He also mentions some of the successes of the non-profit research organization set up by his wife Chan.

One reason for such a congratulation is the five-year existence of the organization. But is the biggest downtime in the company’s history really a good time to focus on something else? The first reactions to the post show that not everyone sees it that way.

User reactions

Facebook users Kamlesh Sahrma sums up what people actually expect: “For a moment I thought you would talk about the reasons that brought Facebook / WhatsApp to their knees …”

Razia Sultana also makes it clear that she is disappointed: “Mark, you are obviously a very smart person, but you refuse to do the right thing. With great power comes great responsibility and you do not accept it. I don’t know why, but I don’t always try to see the bad. But the results of your work harm society. “

Others take Zuckerberg’s post with humor:

“If you can just switch off the service more often, then I can sleep through the next few more.”

“Stupid if you have to restart the router manually.”

Or, as user Mike Schi puts it in a nutshell:The attempt with a positive story to distract from today’s problems and to drive the share price up again. “

Overall, however, almost all of the comments make it clear that Mark Zuckerberg is unsuccessful in distracting himself with another topic so soon after the biggest mishap in the company’s history.


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