After he kidnapped Mashir Elmaleh: this is the mistake that his uncle Aharon regrets

The singer Dodo Aharon is last week a new and uplifting song “Balagan”. The song was written by his uncle Aharon and Ofir Cohen to the tune of his uncle Aharon Ofir Cohen and Or Cohen. Tamir Zur Amon for the music production. In the new single, Dodo combines the oriental rhythm with the rock and roll music from the 60s/70s. Aharon filmed a music video in a retro atmosphere together with the child star “Little Michal”. The music video was filmed in 2020 and the late network star Ido Ohion also participated in it. The music video was directed and edited by Amit Angel.

One of the funniest songs in his career: Dodo Aharon launches a huge hit

In a conversation with Iris Cole, he talked about the decision to postpone the release of the song, the clip that became a commemorative film for Idan Ohion, and the interview in which the model Shir Elmaleh revealed that she was saddened by the collaboration with him in the clip “My car, your beauty” (“I am terribly ashamed to see this, and maybe the The only one I’ve done during my career that I don’t like. I was a girl at the beginning who really wanted to get ahead. Terrible and horrible”).

You haven’t released anything like this in a long time.
“Yes, you can say that it’s a considerable period. The truth is that this song, the music video, was filmed in 2020 at the height of the Corona virus. It was supposed to be released in 2020. I remember that I wanted to release it right after ‘In our dreams’, close to, two weeks after ‘In our dreams’ , my duet with Eden Meiri, and then I saw that the song ‘In our dreams’ was gaining momentum, so I said I wouldn’t…”.

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You said, ‘We’ll let him live a little longer, we won’t relegate him to ‘in our dreams’.
“And then this song went deep back into the drawer.”

And the clip is ready and everything is ready?
“The clip is already ready, yes. A month ago I went down to Eilat and was driving in a car, I happened to hear all kinds of my songs lying in a drawer, and suddenly I heard this song and I said, ‘Come on, I think it’s time to bring it out into the light of life.'”

In this clip filmed in 2020, both Michal HaKatana and the late network star Ido Ohion participate. I mean there is another value here, such a reminder, how much he was loved in all the very, very difficult atmosphere that was around him.

He was a star.
“Yes, full of joy of life. You bring me back to the day of filming when we met and talked and danced together and were happy. I also consulted with the director and we talked about it. We said it was like… how can I describe it in words? On the one hand it’s terribly happy to see him in the music video, and on the other hand Second, there is probably a deep pinch in the heart. But nevertheless, we will commemorate him in the music video. If Idan can be described, this is exactly the joy of life, the way he is depicted in the music video, so I think this is the best way to commemorate him.”

Regarding upcoming performances.
“We continue on January 10th at Zappa Tel Aviv, and we jump south on February 2nd at Zappa Beer Sheva and then at Gray Mobil on February 4th and it will continue. It was an amazing tour. We started Zappa Haifa, we moved to Zappa Tel Aviv, Zappa Jerusalem, in this round I sang songs from my first albums, the truth is at the audience’s request, and it was amazing to see 15-year-old songs as if they came out yesterday and it was simply exciting.”

Shir Elmaleh was interviewed by Rafi Rashef and then he reminded her of the music video she made for the song ‘My car, your beauty’ in which she actually washes the car in very sensual and sexy poses, which embarrassed her a lot and she said that today it would not have happened. Would you make a video like this again today?
“No. Absolutely not. Today I am in a different period, in a different status in my life.”

As I recall, in the program “Intimi” with Rafi Rashef in Beshet 12, the interviewer reminded the model of the music video she remembers for the song “My car is your beauty” in which she starred together with the singer Dodo Aharon, in which she was photographed naked washing a car. Almalich recounted the clip that was released almost a decade ago and regretted participating. “It’s something I wouldn’t do today. I’m terribly ashamed to see it, and maybe the only thing I’ve done during my career that I don’t like. I was a girl at the beginning who really wanted to get ahead. Terrible and terrible.”

But is it just because you’re married, or because we’ve also undergone some kind of mental shift to how we present women, etc.?
“They say forty to her, soon I’ll be close to 40. So, when I took the photo I was 24 years old at the peak of my singleness and life, and of course… you know… when another year passes and another year… I can say the most truthful thing there is, I think Even today, if I were in a different status and not married and not the father of two daughters, then of course I wouldn’t think twice and I wouldn’t film such a clip. I understand her feeling.”

What you say and what she says tells me that we as a society have gone through a process.
“Obviously we went through a process. There are still people running around among us who… no… there’s nothing to do, like, you know, it’s not worth mentioning. But I’m saying that we’ve obviously matured as a society and treat everything differently, and I think it’s good that we accepted ourselves The way we are today has changed and society has changed, and it’s better that we changed than not.”


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