After joining the protest, retaliation quickly followed, leaving her stunned upon waking to a disturbing sight this morning.

After joining the protest, retaliation quickly followed, leaving her stunned upon waking to a disturbing sight this morning.

Ruti Ibn Ofir, a resident of Ramat Hasharon, woke up to a shocking sight this Saturday. Her car, parked below in the parking lot, had been seriously vandalized, with the tires punctured, mirrors broken, and “Only Bibi” pages glued to the windows. Ibn Sapir participated in a demonstration against the legal coup in the city the previous night, and it appears that her car was targeted as retaliation. She filed a complaint with the police this morning. On her Facebook page, she expressed her concern and denounced the actions of the Bibists. She also stated that she was not afraid and that the incident only highlights the need for a legitimate government in Israel.

Another participant at the demonstration, Sharon Eshel Einat, shared her experience on Facebook as well. She recounts how peaceful protesters were met with violence from the Yasmaniks and Magbanikis, and her neighbor’s car was also vandalized. She believes that the Bibists resort to violence because it is the only language they understand.

In her post, Sharon describes the events leading up to the demonstration and how the residents of Ramat Hasharon came together to express their opposition to the anti-democratic legislation proposed by Simcha Rothman. The demonstration was legal and non-violent, but the MK brought in a large number of battalions to suppress the protesters. Sharon was among those who were almost crushed as the police advanced with guns, surrounded them, and started to advance violently. She saw people fall and get crushed, and an elderly woman with her dog fell and almost got stepped on.

Sharon believes that the incident was an eye-opener and a red writing on the wall for the residents of Ramat Hasharon. She thinks that the police’s actions were suitable for communist regimes and should not become routine in Israel. While she usually approaches the police and thanks them for their work, she is no longer ready to remain silent and accept such events as normal.

Ruti Ibn Ofir, a resident of Ramat Hasharon woke up this morning (Saturday) to a particularly shocking sight. Her vehicle, which was parked below in the parking lot, underwent serious “treatment”, with the tires punctured, the mirrors broken and pages “Only Bibi” affixed to the windows.

Ibn Sapir participated last night in a demonstration in the city against the legal coup and apparently her car was vandalized as revenge for her participation. This morning she went to the police station and filed a complaint. On her Facebook page, she wrote: “It’s already really dangerous. The bibists came to my house and vandalized the four wheels of my car, broke the mirrors of my car and left signs only Bibi. The Mezep police, officers here are investigating the incident. They crossed any line, they will not succeed in scaring me. This only proves That there is a Hebrew government here that creates a Hebrew and legitimate society.”

Sharon Eshel Einat, who also participated in the demonstration in the city, shared on her Facebook page: “Yesterday the residents of Ramat Hasharon found themselves “hanging out” in the middle of the night with Simcha Rothman who came to visit. In response, we suffered severe violence from huge battalions of Yasmaniks and Magbanikis. People were thrown to the floor and crushed, among them My husband Adi, that the police forcefully beat him against a lamppost. I, along with many others, was almost crushed. Details below.

As revenge for the demonstration, which is still legal, a woman who lives in the city on the pastoral and quail Rambam street, who in her wrongdoing had an Israeli flag on the car, discovered this morning the car with a hole in the window, four slashed tires and the words “Only Bibi” written on it. Bibists must always threaten, intimidate and resort to violence – this is the only language they know.”

Photo from Sharon Eshel Einat’s Facebook page

“And now, for those who find this case disturbing peace in their eyes, and want to understand the whole sequence of events. The detail: Ramat Hasharon is a sleepy and smelly suburb where nothing happens, and everything closes at 11:00 p.m. The biggest crime among law-abiding residents is double parking in Oseshkin. In the midst of vibrant community life and cohesive mutual aid. Suddenly, at night, a message ran through the city’s groups that the megalomaniacal sadist Simcha Rothman had arrived in the city to visit the home of a high-tech millionaire on Shebti Israel Street. It is a long, narrow street that crosses between the city’s neighborhoods and is near two schools. Rothman, a dictator from the revolutionaries The sheriff, who sits at the center of the strongest power – whistles at at least fifty percent of our good people and took us all captive to the abyss.”

Sharon goes on to say that “within minutes, about 600 Ramatashronim came out of the houses with their dogs and children, in pajamas. We stood around the house and residents with megaphones shouted to Mr. Rothman that we will not agree to the continuation of his anti-democratic legislation.

Yesterday I realized that Ramash residents whose children are handed over to the army for combat service, and every second square in the city is named after a fallen (it’s hard to describe how many bereaved families there are here from the battles): apparently they were labeled by this crazy regime as enemies of the people. Otherwise how can it be explained that a legal demonstration is not violent in it The only thing that disturbs is the MK’s convenience, and children and the elderly took part in it – huge Mob Wism battalions with about a hundred soldiers were brought to a very narrow street, and instructed to act violently against us.

At some point, and without warning, while armed with guns, they held hands and surrounded us in a huge ring from which it is impossible to escape. They began to advance towards us violently, deliberately crushing all the hundreds of people who were standing in a circle, myself among them, and also my partner’s witnesses, and also many of our friends. A small Arad festival disaster is upon us and it happened on purpose‼️

I quickly tried to escape from the sidewalk so as not to get crushed but to my surprise they also blocked the entire sidewalk and walked towards me with determination looking at me. You see citizens who have nowhere to run and you just crush them? Are you crazy?!

At the same time people started to fall and get crushed, an elderly woman with her dog fell and Wismanik tried to step on her. A resourceful and brave protester at personal risk pushed him away from her and saved her life.

My witness was violently thrown against a pillar – *while standing on the sidewalk!*. Since then he has been lying unable to move with severe pain in his ribs. I spotted an open gate in one of the houses and simply ran into it with other frightened residents. We huddled there on the stairs and for a few minutes we didn’t come out and we only heard people’s cries. When I had already left the garden, another huge reinforcement of a battalion of huge jasmines was launched and they rushed past me at speed and almost crushed me again, luckily I stuck to the fence of the house.

The feeling was that this was at least a serious terrorist incident in which buses were blown up and dozens of terrorists walking around the street with guns and shooters. What not? Oh, it’s just a legal and non-violent demonstration in front of Simcha Rothman.

Thus, hundreds of residents who finance the salaries of the Hashem and Magev battalions from their pockets found themselves experiencing violent suppression methods suitable for communist Russia, China and North Korea.

Did you go off the rails?!

Immediately, one of the most productive cities in the country became an enemy of the regime.

This event for me is an eye-opener and it is red writing on the wall.

In the demonstrations in which I take part, I always shout through the megaphone that the policemen are brothers and the policewomen are sisters. She usually approaches the police at the end of a demonstration, shaking their hands even when there are arrests and strong emotions. I thank them for the inclusion and handling of the event. I am interested in their names and told them that I know how difficult their job is at the moment.

But between this and what I saw yesterday, I’m not ready to keep quiet anymore. And I’m not even talking about the criminal horsemen and machetes that were brutally used yesterday against non-violent demonstrators all over the country.
We must not accept that this is how our lives will look and that such events will become routine.”


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