After moving to the field of errands during the Corona period: actor and playwright Daniel Butzer returns to the stage

Daniel Butzer – If you rummage through your memory, his name will take you back one day to the hazy days of the Corona. So, when the culture was shut down and many of the artists found themselves without a livelihood, among those who demonstrated resourcefulness was a fortune teller, playwright, actor and a host of other artistic skills, who founded a courier company with which not only recovered financially but also provided work for dozens of fellow artists. Butzer was so successful with “Habima Shlichuyot”, as he called his care company, that he added the word “former” to the definition of his occupations up to the corona.

Now, when a festive performance of “The Little Notebook”, which he wrote, produced by Dalia Shimko, directed by Dalia Shimko, will take place tomorrow in “The Basement,” it will become clear that Butzer does not keep his word. It turns out that as the missions thrive, so does his artistic activity return to normal, provided, of course, that it does not interfere with business. “An actor remains an actor and a playwright remains a playwright,” he claims in his defense. “When you can combine things, why not?”

Really why not, but when those who come to the show expect to hear in it the immortal performance of Shashi Keshet from upstairs Horned to the past hit of Dan Almagor and Matti Caspi, it is better to tell them in advance that it will not happen. “Our play is a contemporary adaptation that I wrote for a short story by Damon Ranion and has nothing to do with the musical ‘City of Men’, which was based on Ranion’s stories in which the song was played,” Butzer explains. “In the story I adapted for the play, I liked how someone goes with his truth to the end.”

What truth?
“Pinkas’ love for Rose Sparks, his beloved and object of admiration, ‘Her Majesty,’ as he calls her.”

Who is the type?
“The guy is mostly … without, as I define him. I mean, he’s not very pretty, he’s not very smart, just one, he cleans tables in a strip club, he’s faithful to his decision to be where Her Majesty is, the main thing is to be close to her. Hopefully she will notice him. “

Anna Dubrovitsky plays Her Majesty and with her play Itzik Golan, Tomer Galron, Oded Munster and Rafi Kalmer. “I was supposed to play ‘Little Notebook’ in the play,” says Butzer, “but since I am busy with the thriving courier company, I gave up the lead role in favor of the play, which requires someone who is more available and that is Itzik Golan.”

Will we return to Corona?
“We’ll be back. Suddenly a man gets up and finds himself as someone else. This is what happened to me, when I took a role off stage, when I set up Habima Shlichuyot with Nitzan, my partner who will live, an actress by profession, who is the logistics manager and with Elad Cohen, who was an actor until Corona and I took “As a partner. The Corona has calmed down – and the business remains. Today we employ about 80 contractor workers, most of them artists, who, thanks to the company, can reach financial peace and engage in art in a less troubled way.”

Butzer, it turns out, was the right man in the right place and when he talks about “economic comfort”, he means that he knew how to connect to high-tech, an industry that does not suffer from a shortage of cash. “We are a boutique shipping company, which mainly sends gift packages to high-tech workers, including the best-known companies,” he says. “Obviously there are other shipping companies besides us, but our special manpower brings a different experience in the encounter between courier and package recipient.”

Daniel Butzer (Photo: Guy Hecht)

Almost 40 years old, butzer, originally from Tel Aviv, who during the Corona period moved with his wife and three daughters to a rented house in Moshav Yanuv, Sharon. His story is unconventional: “From my youth I was a saxophonist and did a matriculation in … photography. On a post-military trip to South America I saw to my surprise that I managed to gather a crowd of travelers and tell them stories and make them funny. I started for Barbash’s ‘reserve’ series.

“Then I went to Sophie Moskowitz’s acting school and when it was over, I realized that no one was waiting for me, so as usual I took the initiative. I produced productions in the fringe and enjoyed the freedom I had there, after feeling like ‘Pion’ in the Cameri show.”

Since the growth has fortified wings. He initiated the Israeli championship in improvisation, was one of the founders of the “Playwrights’ Project”, served as a medical clown, specialized in street theater, was … a living sculptor “in the most intimate encounter an audience can have”, sang here and there – and even practiced juggling.

After all, it seems that Shakespeare is not waiting for you, I remark to him. “That’s not true!”, He resents. “In the play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ which we staged at the Aspemia Theater, I played one of the artisans. I hope I can play more. How did the one who said it say?


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