After murder fantasies, he resigned: Ex-Juso apparently new left-wing youth spokesman – domestic politics

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In February 2021, Bengt Rüstemeier lost his post as a Juso functionary because of fantasies about murder and violence.

Now Rustemeier is apparently back: as spokesman for the Berlin Left Youth, the youth organization of the Left.

This was initially reported by the daily newspaper “Welt”. Accordingly, the election took place on Saturday – but an official confirmation from the youth organization is still missing. At the same time, the Jusos Berlin congratulated their ex-functionary on Twitter for the election.

The self-described communist had fantasized on Twitter earlier this year about shooting young liberals and “landlord pigs”.

He apparently formulated his hate messages on Twitter in a deliberately claused manner: “Jungl1b € ra £ € r5h007 € n when?” (Shoot young liberals when?) He wrote under a post. And elsewhere: “A v € rm1 € 7 € rschw €! N (landlord’s pig) personally to € rsh0073n (shoot) can be helpful, but it does not have to be a prerequisite.”

Young socialist Rustemeier formulates his fantasy of violence against Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (57) more openly: “If Jeff Bezos should unexpectedly succumb to the consequences of an explosive injury one day, I could not avoid feeling a secret joy.”

Juso, born in 1999, who describes himself as a communist, had received encouragement after his derailments – among others from the Berlin youth organization of the Left Party and Juso officials from the capital.

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