After Ortel revealed Tho Prince: Ben El Tabori reacts

Earlier today (Saturday) Ortal Amr revealed the face of Tu Prince for the first time, despite and after quite a bit of opposition from his father, Ben El Tabori. Now came Ben El’s response, who didn’t say much – but said enough.

Tabori uploaded to his story a photo of Johnny Depp from his well-publicized trial against Amber Heard, in which he won, and next to it he wrote: “There is a God! He sees everything.” This photo comes following his opposition to revealing the face of Tho Prince, and after last week his lawyer urgently went to court and issued a restraining order to Ortel to prevent her from doing the deed.

This morning she uploaded his photos to the networks for the first time | Photo: From Ben El Tabori’s Instagram page

And despite that, as close associates told us at the time, she continued with her original plan, and today the unveiling of To’s face happened. On top of that, she celebrated his birthday today with the children’s stars – and this time his photos and videos from the celebrations went online without any blurring – unlike the birthday photos that Ortel uploaded last week, in which his face was actually hidden.

Amr’s decision, according to close associates, stems from the very fact that Ben Al Bentak is completely estranged from his son, and in light of the fact that in the past, when they were still in contact, they had an agreement that only when his son was four years old would she be able to reveal his face in public.


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