After publishing her home address: JK Rowling against Lahatav activists

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Writer Jay. K.. Rowling is known for her controversial views on transgender people, and she is not afraid to express them out loud. On Friday, Transgender Remembrance Day, three activists – comedian Holly Stars, actress Georgia Frost and drag queen Richard Energy – came to demonstrate in front of the writer’s home in Scotland. In a photo they uploaded to Twitter, and a partner many times, the home address of the Harry Potter book author is clearly visible.

In a series of tweets she posted online yesterday (Monday), she attacked the three activists and the LGBT movement and wrote: “Many women approached me and shared their experiences of intimidation campaigns ranging from social media persecution to threats of violence and rape. “These women and their families are in fear and distress for no reason, because people are not willing to accept their socio-political perception that gender identity cannot replace sexual identity.”

The author signed the series of tweets with the sentence: “Threats will not stop me. And maybe, I’m just suggesting, the best way to prove that your movement does not threaten women is to stop threatening and humiliating women.” The photo in question was deleted but those who took it did not apologize and even announced that they did not regret uploading it to the web.

In the past, Rowling has caught fire from many LGBT activists for her views. Is sex a fact? I support you. “Last July, the author said that” hundreds of trans activists threatened to hit, rape, assassinate and bomb me “and shared a tweeted screenshot that had already been deleted that read:” I wish you would find a nice tube charger in the mail. “

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