After the Baldwin incident, Russian filmmakers described the handling of weapons

“We have no right to take on combat, action scenes”

The accidental death of cameraman Galina Hutchins at the hands of actor Alec Baldwin on the set in the United States and the injury of director Joel Sousa made people think about how safe the work of the actors in the shooting scenes is. What is being done to prevent the rifle of some screen Nazi from killing a real person? And so that as a result of the theatrical duel of Onegin and Lensky, blood would not be shed?

“The performances are different, and not all are shot. But if there is a shot, most often the actor portrays it, and the sound is created by the sound department. Sometimes, to enhance the effect, a fake weapon is used. But it is as safe as children’s toy pistols with caps, ”Maria Voropaeva, head of the props department at the Nikitskie Vorota theater, told MK.

According to her, even a plastic or other conventional bullet does not fly out of the muzzle of the weapon (this word should be put in quotation marks here). The artist on stage is in a state of certain stress, and he is not frightened once again and nothing dangerous is given to him.

Even theatrical duels are harmless. We have already said about pistols, sabers are props. Epees are specially prepared, not sharp, as in sports competitions. And besides, the actors know the fighting technique on stage to the smallest detail, and the battle itself is put on by the masters.

– There are no misfires. During the three years of my practice, no one was definitely injured, ”our interlocutor assured.

The cameraman shot by Alec Baldwin fulfilled the “American Dream”: photo of Ukrainian Galina Hutchins

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How are the filmmakers doing?

There, too, unnecessary risks for the members of the film crew are not allowed. This became clear in a conversation with Natalya Ivanova, the producer of many films, including the military drama of 2021 “Maria. Save Moscow ”. Where, by the way, the Germans shoot Artur Smolyaninov, or rather, his character.

– We do not have the right to take on combat and action scenes, we have no right to decide everything without permission. Even if the director thinks these are simple tricks. When we were shooting our film, we used a weapon in almost every frame. For this, we have agreed with a professional company. Everyone who makes movies knows them. We took their uniforms and weapons from them, I’ll say more, they were attracted to extras. Experienced reenactors who recreate historical battles in the fields, ”Natalya said.

She also stressed that the reenactors’ warehouses are regularly checked, because everything tends to break down and become unusable over time, and so do weapons. And in any case, the company brings in blank samples of “trunks” specially produced in Tula and Izhevsk. It is impossible to insert a live cartridge into them. The thread does not allow.

True, blank shooting can also be dangerous if, say, the distance between people on the site is less than two and a half meters. But such subtleties were controlled by Timur Cherepnin, a military expert. He explained to the filming participants how to aim, how to shoot – not at the hero himself, but slightly to the left, right, above or below.

“Cinema is a kind of art where everything can be edited,” Natalya Ivanova shared her secrets. The producer did not hide – they also had German machine guns, but our factories do not produce their “light version”. And to prevent an emergency, rare copies are examined every year by experts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

And, although theoretically the trophies can be charged for real, such a situation is excluded. Inspection of the weapon is carried out before and after the frame. And the gun or rifle is immediately confiscated from the actor if he does not need it now. And burning, explosions of cars with soldiers – all this falls on the shoulders of stuntmen.

“Actors, young boys, as they say, are eager to fight. They say: let’s do it ourselves. But we categorically forbid them, ”sums up Natalya.

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Alec Baldwin’s Broken Life: Photo of the Actor Who Shoots the Cameraman

Alec Baldwin's Broken Life: Photo of the Actor Who Shoots the Cameraman

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