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After the celebrations and champagne about Hapoel Ashdod’s amazing achievement in handball, the team will be free to prepare for next season. Goal: Of course all the titles in the league. Most of the skeleton will be kept, a Serbian goalkeeper has already signed

Hapoel Ashdod’s players, people and everyone around celebrated on Monday evening until the wee hours the amazing and historic victory in the championship that Treble completed, after winning the State Cup and the Winners’ Cup.

A historic season in Israeli handball. Probably for a club that just a decade ago recorded its Premier League debut season, which ended in relegation. Hapoel Ashdod has become an elite club in local handball, with titles, championships, trophies and of course a permanent place at the top. tradition.

And now, although the team will take some time to relax and rest, they are already working on the next season, the goal of which is to keep the staff mostly in one form or another.

Coach Andrea Wakiewicz will continue with the team and he is signed with the team anyway. From the existing staff will continue Nivo Levy, Risto Vujicic, Amit Stelman, Alexander Babic, Omri Kushmero, Itai Suissa, Lou Exbrod.

Yossi Bitterman, who was injured in a difficult way, will probably retire, but the decision will be entirely his, if he wants to stay he will receive a contract for another season in Ashdod.

Ashdod will also try to keep Omar Gera, the goalkeeper Oz Yitzhak. In the position of goalkeeper Milan Kusanovic finishes his career after 3 months, and returns to Serbia – and the one who will do the opposite is he and Tislav Verkic, 42 – a former Serbian national team goalkeeper and full of experience and titles throughout his career.

In Ashdod, they have already agreed with the center of the Israeli national team, Ofir Cohen, who played last season in Ness Ziona. Another player who is expected to join is the Serbian pivot Delibor Sukic – ex Hapoel Rishon LeZion and Hapoel Kiryat Ono.

Shahar Levin and Assaf Ben-Gozi are expected to retire, and in Ashdod they will strengthen one of the corners – and one of the candidates mentioned in this context is Oz Hamami from Hapoel Rishon LeZion and the Israeli team. Stefan Ilyich, who recorded a great final series, will probably not continue.

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