After the conflict: Will the US supply tanks to Ukraine?

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Abrahams M1 tank. Credit: Shutterstock

The US is considering delivering a significant shipment of American tanks of the Abrahams M1 type, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Senior officials in the American administration told the Wall Street Journal that the announcement will come jointly with Germany, which will also agree to send a small number of German Lawford 2 tanks and authorize other countries to supply this tank as well. As you remember, yesterday (Monday) Poland said that it will try to form a coalition that will supply these tanks to Ukraine, even without Germany’s approval.

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This will end the international diplomatic standoff over the supply of the tanks, after Ukraine has repeatedly asked for the supply of tanks as it enters the second year of the difficult war. Kyiv is planning a counter-offensive in order to recapture territories occupied by Russia.

The change in American policy came after a conversation on January 17 between US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Schulz. Biden agreed to inspect the supply of Abrahams tanks, against the advice of the Pentagon. According to a source in the German government, the issue was discussed between Washington and Berlin For more than a week, the White House declined to comment on the report.

American military officials claimed that the Abrahams tanks require a lot of training and extensive logistical support and are therefore not suitable for use at this stage of the conflict.

The American decision comes less than a week after a tense meeting in Germany in which the US and its allies failed to convince the Germans to allow other countries to supply locally produced tanks. This is the first significant rift in the Kiev support alliance.

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