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Apple has filed a lawsuit in a US federal court against the Israeli NSO Group, which is behind the espionage software “Pegasus”. The iPhone company announced on Tuesday evening.

The “Pegasus” spying program used previously unknown software vulnerabilities on iPhones and other Apple devices – among other things, to read messages and e-mails, track calls, access passwords, make sound recordings and track the whereabouts of the user.

The victims who were spied on with the program were targeted. Among them were human rights defenders, government officials and journalists.

Apple wants to achieve in court that the NSO Group is permanently banned from using software, services or devices from Apple. Although only a very small number of Apple customers were affected, one takes each of these attacks very seriously, said Craig Federighi, software chief at Apple. Work is being done to improve data protection and privacy measures in iOS.

Apple closed the security hole exploited by the NSO Group with a software update in mid-September.


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