After the ruling: An Israeli startup announced that it would help American workers who wanted to have abortions

Technology companies tend to intervene in moments of crisis, and last weekend brought the Israeli company Bizzabo to announce an act

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The past weekend has been particularly tumultuous in the United States, with the Supreme Court reversing the historic ruling against Roe v. Wade, which in effect allows any state in the United States to ban abortions on its territory. Dozens of countries across the United States have already become or may become illegal abortions, and as with many crises and social issues, technology companies are beginning to intervene, including the first Israeli startup to decide to help abortion workers.

“It is impossible to darken forever”

Boaz Katz, co-founder and chief data officer of the Israeli startup Bizzabo wrote On his Twitter account Over the weekend that “following the decision to ban abortions in the US, we have just updated the workers that we will support every flight for abortion,” and signed his tweet with “It Can’t Be Dark Forever.” Katz later clarified that the company will finance the flight and stay of company employees in countries that support abortions, and also for a couple of company employees. According to Katz, Bizabo has dozens of employees in dozens of countries in the United States who work for the company remotely.

Recall that the ban on abortion is state-dependent, so women seeking abortion should physically reach out to states that do not prohibit it, but at the same time they may be exposed to prosecution in their own country. In some states, even factors that aided abortion may be more or less exposed to lawsuits, so it is unclear whether Bizabo exposes itself here to legal risks.

Biazbo is of course not the only technology company to have joined the initiatives around the issue of abortion. A number of companies like Uber and Lyft have announced that they will fund the expenses of drivers in Texas who may be sued for transporting abortion patients. Among the companies that have already announced that they will help to one degree or another, usually by covering travel and handling expenses, are Amazon, Apple, Comcast, Disney, Meta, Microsoft, Salesforce, Yelp, Tesla, eBay, Zillow, Netflix, Airbnb, Dualingo, Snap, Bumble And more. Although Meta announced that it would disclose facts about travel expenses, the company banned its employees from publicly discussing the ruling. One who is no longer subject to this ban is Cheryl Sandberg, until recently a senior at Meta, who condemned the ruling and claimed it endangered the health of millions of women and girls. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, also came out against the ruling.

Years since the previous intervention of Israeli companies

Many technology companies, along with large companies in other fields, tend to use their great power and funding to intervene quite a bit in cases of such and other crises in the United States. Some tend to raise funds and contribute in cases of natural disasters, some release statements in cases of more social crises and some also take a clear stand in some cases.

Israeli companies are also raising their voices once in a while, with the last time large sections of the Israeli economy intervened in a social issue being in 2018, against the background of the approval of the Surrogacy Law, which undermined discrimination in the process of identifying LGBTs. Dozens of Israeli companies and those operating in Israel have allowed employees to take a special day off or granted them a day off to allow them and them to protest, and many companies have also announced grants to employees and company workers who choose the surrogacy process.

Perhaps even in this case, Bizabo is just the first Swallow to publicly announce assistance to company facts and their spouses who are now exposed to legal proceedings and dangerous treatments – if they are interested in an abortion.

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