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The actor, who plays Jon Snow, talked about his battle with alcoholism and depression

Today he is a 34-year-old and happy new father, but his path to achieve this balance has been tortuous. Kit Harington, the actor who plays Jon Snow in the famous fantasy series «Game of Thrones», he told of his struggle with alcoholism and depression, so serious – he confessed – to lead him to have suicidal thoughts. In an interview with Sunday Times he said he “went through some horrible things” in the years following the end of “Game of Thrones”, that is, after 2019.

“During and after the Throne some very traumatic things happened to me and among these was alcoholSaid the British actor, explaining that he then went to rehab at the Privé-Swiss clinic in Connecticut, in the United States, a facility that costs $ 95,000 a month. “I was very good at keeping my addictions secret, I was incredibly reserved, ”added Harington. In the most difficult times, he later said, he had even come to think of taking his own life: «The answer is yes. Yes, of course. I went through moments of real depression where I wanted to do all kinds of things. “

By recounting her battles, the star hopes she can be an example to other people who are suffering, motivating them to seek help. Leaving behind the very tough years, Harington finally said he was sober for two and a half years and spoke of his joy in becoming a father: in 2018 he married actress Rose Leslie, met on the set of “Game of Thrones” and the couple had their first child in February: “I think the thing that surprises me more than becoming a parent is that you become one, all three, and there is a whole new dynamic to discover “

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