“After the shock of 49.3, is it reasonable to wave the red rag of immigration? »

“After the shock of 49.3, is it reasonable to wave the red rag of immigration?  »

Et, now, immigration? After the shock of 49.3, which reopens the wounds of the conflict over pension reform, is it reasonable to wave a new red rag in front of a country on edge, where the far right is biding its time?

On Wednesday March 15, the Senate began debating the immigration bill in committee. Acceleration of expulsions on the one hand, regularization of undocumented workers on the other: the text, whose examination must begin at the Luxembourg Palace on March 28 and at the National Assembly in June, had been designed to seduce the right and the left. It is fought on both sides. The worst-case scenario for pensions suggests that it will not win a majority.

While Gérald Darmanin, the Minister of the Interior, quickly had to mourn support from the left, he has long pinned his hopes on an agreement with the Les Républicains (LR) party. But his strategy of seducing the right came up against… pension reform. The more the government needed the right to try to pass it, the more Eric Ciotti, the president of LR, and his friends raised the stakes on the immigration project, determined to charge as much as possible for possible support. . This growing pressure tends to empty the “regularization” section of the bill of its content.

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The use of 49.3 risks, if the government survives and if it maintains its text on immigration, to encourage the elected officials of LR, in need of cohesion, to close their ranks by further radicalizing their speech, they whose boss Eric Ciotti presents immigration as “a major threat to our country” and claim “breaking measures”considering a “suspension of migratory flows”.

“Brewing progresses over generations”

Thus this bill on immigration feeds the impression of an executive focused on subjects which do not really appear among the priorities of the French people, such as inflation, health, education, the climate , aging. It also risks encouraging a repressive and xenophobic headlong rush. Without forgetting the essential: it does not provide credible solutions to the problems it claims to solve.

To control the flow of entries and make the policy of deportation of illegal immigrants more effective – two defensible objectives claimed by the bill – the main thing is, on the one hand, through cooperation with our European neighbors in in terms of border control and readmission, on the other by focusing expulsion procedures on foreigners convicted of crimes and misdemeanors threatening public order. None of this requires yet another piece of legislation – the thirtieth since 1980 – but rather solid diplomatic action and coordinated policies between the prison administration and the police. As for the issue of residence permits to undocumented foreigners working in “under pressure” sectors, this can be done by means of an update of the Valls circular of 2012, which provides for such regularizations.

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