After the siege on Sara Netanyahu: the heavy blow that fell on the hairdresser in Madinah Square

After the siege on Sara Netanyahu: the heavy blow that fell on the hairdresser in Madinah Square

Not easy days pass by the hairdresser Moshe Botbolfrom the “Moshe and Liloosh” storyboard in Madinah square, the one who gained world fame when he defended with his body and his words the first lady of Israel, Sarah Netanyahu, when hundreds of protesters besieged the barbershop while he was there. Butbol has clients from all shades of the political spectrum, and according to his associates he was shocked to see that in various WhatsApp groups there are calls for the boycott of the prestigious barber shop.

Botball, it’s unbelievable that it will be told.
“Yes, I know there are people who are calling for the barber shop to be boycotted. I’m sorry it’s like that. Each and every client of mine knows that I provide a wholehearted service that respects itself and its clients. I accept to the hairdresser without discrimination based on religion, race, sex or political leaning, and I certainly will not choose who to provide service based on my political leaning. I will continue to give the best experience to everyone who comes.”

And what about the publications and photographs that the barbershop has a back door, from which Sarah could easily and quietly exit?
‘True, most shops have a back exit. I don’t have a back door at my barbershop, I invite anyone who wants to see and check.’

Demonstrators outside the hair salon where Sara Netanyahu was (Photo: Avshalom Sashoni)

Ronan Rubinsteinthe hot Israeli in Hollywood, who plays the son of Rob Lauforever the idol of Leora’s youth, in the “fire 911” series, has been cast in a new movie alongside Whoopi Goldberg. Liora mentions that Goldberg used to be a beloved and popular actress, but in recent years she got involved in a number of anti-Semitic statements for which she apologized.

To Dalia Arzi Belly full of the press in Israel. Her main anger is about things written about her husband, the high-tech tycoon The late Efi Arzi. She founded an encyclopedia called, “a social network where anyone can write their truth without asking favors from journalists”.

Arzi, speak freely.
“I dedicated this project to my late husband. I started developing the platform when I was suffering a lot and there was no one to hear my cry. There are many people like me who are going through difficult things and have nowhere to write their truth. Not some post that disappears after two days, but something deeper that is preserved – written with thought in mind first. Our truth about every issue in the world.”

Dalia Arzi (Photo: Yeh'ach)Dalia Arzi (Photo: Yeh’ach)

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