After three years of controversy, the Caesars are looking for a master of ceremonies

The next Cesar ceremony will take place on February 24, 2023, at the Olympia, and, according to “Le Parisien”, it could be presented collegially.


> (illustrative photo). ” title=”The masters of ceremonies could themselves take care of giving the Caesars to the people rewarded, dispensing with< remettants >> (photo d’illustration).
The masters of ceremonies could themselves take care of giving the Caesars to the people rewarded, dispensing with “presenters” (photo illustration).

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After two years marked by the pandemic and a third by a fiasco of hearing, the Caesars are looking for a new formula. For this, the organizers would consider, according to The Parisian, to call on no longer one, but eight masters and mistresses of ceremonies, “at least” for the evening of February 24, 2023. “Eight artists or duos should take turns on stage throughout the evening” and each deliver three statuettes, assure our colleagues. The information was however denied by Canal+, broadcaster of the ceremony.

Our colleagues nevertheless explain that this collegial presentation will make it possible to respond to the problem of a difficult casting. Indeed, the candidates for the role of master of ceremonies would not be numerous, as it is time-consuming – count two months of preparation beforehand – and technical – it is a question of making the whole assembly laugh. Add to that the fear of being lynched on social networks, as Corinne Masiero was during her striptease in 2021, and that of being censored by Vincent Bolloré. “We know very well that Canal+ rereads the texts of the Césars… Inevitably, it gets cold”, testifies a humorist to the Parisian. So much so that “the Caesars are finding it more and more difficult to find personalities who agree to take the weight of the ceremony on their own shoulders”, underlines a cinema professional.

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It remains to be seen whether this new formula will indeed be adopted by the Césars and whether an evening without “handing over” will be the guarantee of an evening a little less embarrassing than the previous ones.

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