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Whoever reacts inappropriately here is still the question …

Kim Jong-Un is angry because the Americans and the United Nations criticize his missile tests. And after condemning the recent missile launch, the North Korean dictator is now threatening “more serious and serious consequences”. Both could face “more serious and serious consequences” if they chose to act inappropriately.

The government in Washington has taken “extremely provocative steps” by calling the test a violation of UN Security Council resolutions and a threat to peace and stability in the region, a State Department spokesman in Pyongyang told the news agency on Thursday KCNA.

And: North Korea warned the US against “playing with a ticking time bomb”. The test of the new ballistic missile from a submarine served to strengthen self-defense and was not directed against the USA or any other country.

The Security Council discussed the latest test on Wednesday at the request of the United States and Great Britain. The US condemned the missile launch as part of a “series of reckless provocations” that violated several UN sanctions and are unacceptable, said US Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

She called on the government in Pyongyang again to accept offers of talks. The Washington administration has no hostile intentions. The North Korean State Department spokesman rejected the proposal: The United States’ “double standards” on missile development cast doubt on its efforts.



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