Against Covid not only measures and vaccines, from Siomi advice for proactive prevention

Against Covid-19 not only vaccinations, distancing, personal protective equipment and lockdowns, but also ‘proactive prevention’, psychophysical well-being and simple hygiene practices. This, in summary, is the message contained in the ‘manifesto’ developed by the main associations of complementary medicine which, in the face of the dramatic situation in which the country finds itself due to the pandemic, “felt the need to offer their own contribution to improve the well-being of the population, based on the knowledge and practices that are the heritage of these medicines “, reports a note.

“To effectively combat the epidemic, it is essential to complement the preventive practices in place with the large-scale dissemination of proactive prevention and health education methods like thesupply, the use of natural supplements able to strengthen the immune system and improve the state of health, as well as the indication of simple hygienic practices like washing the nasal cavities “, explains the spokesperson Francesco Macrì, specialist in pediatrics, vice president of the Italian Society of Homeopathy and Integrated Medicine (Siomi), and professor of homeopathy at the same Society. “These methods – he maintains – have shown positive effects in numerous scientific studies. On the other hand – observes Macrì – it is known that people who follow a healthy lifestyle tend to suffer less from diseases (such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases) than today. we know to be comorbidities at frequent risk for Sars-CoV-2).

The ‘manifesto’ – the note reports – begins with the enunciation of the World Health Organization in the Plan for the period 2014-2023, which invites us to “develop solutions that, in a broader perspective, contribute to improving health and promoting the autonomy of the patient “. And specifies: “The two systems, Traditional medicine and Western medicine do not necessarily have to conflict. In the context of primary health care they can merge into a beneficial harmony, both by using the best peculiarities of each one and by compensating for their respective weaknesses ”.

The ‘manifesto’ therefore presents the basic indications for proactive prevention, also called empowerment. “In proactive prevention, people become protagonists: they take charge of their health and implement virtuous behaviors”, explains Macrì. “Unlike ‘passive’ prevention, which involves ‘undergoing’ decisions of others often experienced with impatience and disobedience, proactive prevention is voluntary and supported by the confidence to do something for oneself. Concrete gestures that also have a great positive value on the plan. emotional. Let’s not forget that the psychological impact of the pandemic is as serious as the health one“.

On the treatment front, the ‘manifesto’ underlines (through interventions by doctors of homeopathic medicine, regulation medicine, phytotherapy and Ayurvedic medicine) the importance of a medicine of the person. It is known that Sars-coV-2 disease presents with a variability of symptoms that can be explained by the individual differences in response to the virus. “Personalized or ‘ground’ treatment, typical of the homeopathic method, offers great advantages: in particular, it could be possible to intervene in the first two phases of the disease (incubation and first symptoms), a period in which no conventional medicine therapy is envisaged. In these phases, on the other hand, a therapy with homeopathic medicines could be proposed, chosen on the basis of the biotypological characteristics of the individual subject, in order to improve individual reactivity “.

The first results in this sense, obtained anecdotally by doctors who practice complementary therapies, are very encouraging, the note reports. In this regard, the initiative at European level of the Ech (European Committee of Homeopathy) called Clificol should also be mentioned, which consisted in setting up a platform set up to insert cases of patients affected by Covid-19 and collected by doctors from all over Europe, experts in homeopathy, in their professional activity. The associations undertake to disseminate the ‘manifesto’ to their members, so that all members have the opportunity to follow these suggestions, in parallel with the Guidelines indicated by the Ministry of Health for Covid-19. With a view to implementing local medicine and avoiding recourse to hospitals already in serious difficulty, the associations – concludes the note – hope that these proposals will be taken into consideration.


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