“Against our livelihoods” – Luisa Neubauer settles with Merkel – domestic politics

Insufficient climate certificate for our Chancellor!

Climate protection activist Luisa Neubauer (25) raises allegations against Angela Merkel (67, CDU).

Neubauer on the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”: “For me there remains a depressing observation: The bottom line is that Angela Merkel has repeatedly set priorities against our livelihoods, against ecological rights and the chances of future generations.”

In general, Merkel has often pushed through major decisions against her party. But: “When it comes to climate protection, she has rarely done that,” criticizes Neubauer.

With a view to the election campaign, the co-organizer of Fridays for Future calls for a joint approach by all parties.

Neubauer: “Germany will not make its contribution if not everyone is committed to climate justice. The challenge is so enormous that a non-partisan consensus is necessary. ”

The corona pandemic has shown what people are ready for if the drama is clearly shown to them. It is “possible to expect something from the population if the policy is honest”.

In terms of climate protection, however, “nobody has made a serious attempt to do what should be done so far,” she told the newspaper.

The assertion that none of this is possible because people did not participate is still unproven: “Of course there is always opposition and resistance. If that had always been used as an excuse for doing nothing, there would never have been women’s suffrage, the minimum wage, or the coal or nuclear phase-out. “



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